World premiere: tizi Turbloader 5x MEGA is here! The most powerful USB charger for your car

equinux presents the tizi Turbloader 5x MEGA, currently the most powerful USB charger for your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket. Charge up to 5 iPads simultaneously!

− February 04, 2016: In most cars, smartphones still charge as slowly as they did ten years ago. With the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA (, equinux demonstrates how much power it’s possible to extract from a regular cigarette lighter socket. The high performance Turbolader achieves a whopping 60 watts! Each individual USB port delivers up to 2.4A of power, a total of maximum 12V. This Meister of car chargers from the Turbolader family, charges smartphones and tablets 3x faster than the leading USB ports found in most newer cars today.

Testing the limits of performance and power: “We wanted to know”.

The power provided by the tizi Turbolader is enough to charge up to 5 iPads simultaneously, just as fast as if they were plugged into the wall socket at home. “Why a car USB charger for 5 devices? Simple. We wanted to know if it would work”,  explains the equinux CEO Till Schadde. “The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is a feasibility study. Our Development Team wanted to take it to the technical limit. This Turbolader is a clear mark of a higher end product as part of the tizi Turbolader family”.

For every car, without hesitation
equinux boasts the best of German Engineering with the  tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA. Thanks to Auto Max Power™ technology, connected USB devices are automatically recognized, and the optimal power is delivered dynamically throughout the entire charging cycle.
Safety still applies! The solid aluminum head, in Monza red, offers sufficient cooling to avoid over-heating. Along with the impressive levels of performance, the tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is designed to avoid over-charging, keeping your devices happily charged at 100% for as long as they are connected.

Price and availability
The tizi Turbolader 5x MEGA is now available at the introductory price of 49.99 EUR ($49.00) online at and on Amazon. Other products from the tizi Turbolader family are available starting at 19.99 Euros ($19.99).