How complicated encryption is ruining your business

Munich, Germany / Burlingame, USA − January 28, 2016: Do your team members encrypt critical business files before sharing them collaboratively? Anyone who works in a remote office knows how difficult it can be to share secure data. Most encryption tools lack user acceptance in daily workflow or have technical limitations. Mac users working in a VPN environment now have a more acceptable and convenient way to share data with their team: SecureDrop is a new and easy way that uses your existing security infrastructure to enable zero-config file sharing. This feature is now included in VPN Tracker 365 (, the market leading VPN client for OS X.

Employee and system errors are the top risks for data security
According to a current e-Security study, 53% of all data security risks were caused by user errors. A further 29% of the threats were ascribed to system errors. To many businesses, the tools and workflows are too complicated to guarantee secure file sharing: Encryption tools usually require a public and private key, which first has to be generated and distributed within the team. Critical business data is put at risk when users have to jump through hoops in order to protect it. Convenient and secure tools are in demand in order to minimize security risks.

Automatic encryption (Military Grade) with VPN credentials and algorithms
With SecureDrop, VPN Tracker 365 offers Mac users the following: Data is easily encrypted via drag-and-drop and can be securely distributed to team members. To encrypt the data, VPN Tracker uses the existing VPN connection and creates a shareable link. Team members using the same VPN connection simply click on the provided link to access the data. The authorization automatically follows via VPN Tracker. The encryption algorithms from the shared VPN connection provide the necessary high level security (Military Grade AES 256 Encryption).

Flexible sharing in all channels of communication
SecureDrop links can be shared via any method of communication. Whether a team uses Chat, Mail, Slack, or Skype, the link can be shared anywhere. This convenience leads to a greater acceptability and a higher level of security for your vital data.

Secure data has an expiration date
In order to minimize long term security risks, all SecureDrop encrypted data has an expiration date. VPN Tracker displays exactly how long any given file is available and as soon as it expires, the data automatically disappears - securely! The expiration period varies between 30 and 90 days.

Professional security with VPN Tracker 365
In addition to SecureDrop, VPN Tracker 365 also offers many other useful security features, particularly when working in remote teams. VPN Tracker is the #1 VPN client for OS X and is the effective industry the standard in secure VPN connections for Macs for more than 15 years. Developed by professionals in Germany, a VPN Tracker 365 plan covers all personal Macs and includes all VPN Tracker versions, supporting the latest version of OS X, El Capitan all the way back to Mac OS X 10.6.

Price and availability
You're already using an older version of VPN Tracker? Then you're entitled to 12 months of VPN Tracker 365 starting at only $49.99. The regular VPN Tracker 365 Plan starts at 79.99 EUR. About equinux We are a product driven company which stands for innovation, intelligent solutions, and quality. Our products are well known by the media and have been tested and reviewed with shining results by professionals and public consumers, resulting in two Apple Design Awards and further prizes. Thanks to our long standing experience and expertise in technology, we are successfully able to grasp the newest trends in product ideas and market them worldwide. We focus on the clearly defined target groups; Consumer, Prosumer, Business-Users, and Enterprises. equinux is headquartered in Munich, Germany and runs offices in Burlingame, CA and Berlin, Germany.