Mail Designer Pro 3: Retina ready email creativity down to the last detail

Higher picture quality for all retina devices // Pixel-perfect graphics tools for a more professional email design // Inbox Optimization, Design check and sending via Apple Mail delivery options

Burlingame, CA / Munich, Germany − June 09, 2016: Absolute creative freedom with zero HTML. We've just released Mail Designer Pro 3, our sharpest upgrade yet. Our Mac app for the creative design of professional HTML newsletters, now offers brilliant Retina resolution. The new pixel perfect graphic tools, improved real time previews, and a style refill with a total of more than 70 design ideas, takes creative professionals to the next level in precision and quality.

Qualitative leap! Create high definition desktop newsletters 

  •    Improved resolution to create desktop newsletters using high definition retina
  •    More than 70 new inspirational, ready-to-use design ideas
  •    Include full surface background art with pixel perfect positioning
  • Precision Push: Pixel perfect layouts and graphic elements

  •   Shape tools for creating top-notch quality newsletters
  •   Choose from 500+ web-fonts with all available font weights
  •   Automatic and individual suggested font-fallbacks
  • Unique features for a perfect style-check

  •   Realtime Inbox-Optimization for mobile devices and Apple Watch
  •   Smart Design-Check: Realtime-Preview for MacBooks
  •   Send stunning desktop-only emails directly from within Apple Mail
  • Introductory offer limited time only 
    For this new launch Mail Designer Pro 3 is available at the upgrade price for everyone: Save 20% off the regular price at just $39.99 (RRP 49.99) only for a limited time!