VPN Tracker World Connect: Automatically connect with the best VPN destinations

New Service for iOS&Mac to protect your internet connection on iOS and Mac

Burlingame, CA / Munich, Germany − June 20, 2016: Using public wifi hotspots when you're on the go with iPhone, iPad and Mac? equinux VPN Tracker World Connect ( makes any internet connection secure and automatically detects the best VPN destination for your needs even perfect for business users.

VPN Tracker: Securely connect to the open internet
When travelling in countries with limited access to websites, World Connect gets you on the free and open internet: VPN Tracker World Connect's "Magic VPN" feature automatically chooses the best VPN destination to provide you with the fastest reliable secure internet connection.

VPN Tracker World Connect: Benefits for business users
VPN Tracker World Connect allows you to simultaneously connect to your company's VPN as well as World Connect with its intelligent routing algorithm. Get work done on your company's network and protect the privacy of your remaining internet traffic. VPN Tracker's unique internet traffic management makes it possible.

Test VPN Tracker World Connect for free
VPN Tracker World Connect for iOS is free to download on the App Store. VPN Tracker for Mac is available for download at After a free trial period, VPN Tracker Would Connect is available for just $49.99 (yearly) for Mac and iOS. All plans include unlimited traffic.