Mail Designer Pro 2 Version History
Version 2.6.1 05/23/2016 Download

    Mail Designer Pro 2.6.1

    · There's a new Automatic hyphenation option (disabled by default) that you can use for designs with very long words (common in certain languages)

    · The Preflight tool will now warn you if hyphenation is recommended to avoid layout issues

    · We've improved the overall app stability

    Let us know what you think and if you have any feedback for the next version of Mail Designer Pro — thanks!

    Your equinux Mail Designer Team

Version 2.6.0 04/26/2016 Download

    Mail Designer Pro 2.6

    We’re excited to launch Mail Designer Pro 2.6 — it’s got some great new features and a lot of improvements we hope you’re going to love. Let’s dive in:

    iPad Pro and iPhone SE Device Previews

    We’ve added three new mobile device previews for the latest iOS devices: Make sure your newsletters look great on the 12.9” iPad Pro, 9.7” iPad Pro as well as on the iPhone SE.

    Zoom option for Mobile Previews

    Mail Designer Pro 2.6 introduces a new scaling option, so you can fit any iOS device on your Mac’s screen. Want to check out your design on the 12.9” iPad, but using an 11” MacBook Air? No problem.

    Smart Link Checking

    The built-in preflight feature goes through your design and checks things like image size, retina image and all links. We’ve made the link checking much smarter and fixed a few cases where custom URL types weren’t checked correctly.

    Improved HTML engine

    A lot of work has gone into the new HTML engine in Mail Designer Pro 2.6: We’ve redesigned the way our layout is built and fixed a number of alignment issues, such as those that you could occasionally see in Outlook.

    Here are some of the specifics that have been improved with the improved HTML engine:

    • Outlook alignment bugs have been fixed
    • You can use % and & reliably in custom link types
    • Improved Gmail support when sending via MailChimp
    • Mobile-only layout blocks no longer show up in Yahoo webmail
    • Fixed an issue that could cause missing images in MailChimp
    • A bug that could cause images not to appear in Outlook when sent via external services has been fixed
    • Link formatting has been fixed, so removing the underline and changing link colors work as you’d expect

    We’ve also taken steps to prevent redundant style tags that were occasionally generated by the styles editor. So the HTML is cleaner, more concise and improves compatibility in all email clients!

    Let us know what you think and if you have any feedback for the next version of Mail Designer Pro.

    Your equinux Mail Designer Team

Version 2.5.5 02/12/2016
    · We've improved compatibility when designs are sent with MailChimp
    · Styles: Improvements for working with lists
    · An issue with template pack downloads has been fixed

    Tip: Hold down the command key to free rotate images and graphic objects

    Have fun with Mail Designer Pro!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.5.4 12/18/2015
    · We've updated all existing Season's Greetings packs for the New Year's 2016!
    · Updated calendar graphics for 2016
    · Split-View optimized
    · Full OS X Photos integration

    Note: Mail Designer now supports more secure Gmail account authorization: Please re-add your Gmail account if you're sending designs directly via Gmail.

    Design some great emails!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.5.2 11/10/2015
    · New iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Rose Gold Device Preview
    · Advanced link options for email, phone numbers and other types of links

    · Removing a style (by selecting 'No style') now preserves the current formatting
    · Nicer default color suggestions for text in image areas
    · Mobile-specific text styles are labeled accordingly
    · Improved support for custom SMTP servers for test emails

    · Images were occasionally missing when printing or exporting as PDF
    · Your cursor no longer jumps around after inserting a link
    · Text formatting issues after inserting a link have been fixed
    · Formatting issues when dragging & dropping text have been fixed
    · Images could become skewed while resizing
    · A number of crashes have been fixed

    Have fun designing your Holiday Season newsletters with Mail Designer Pro!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.5.1 09/30/2015
    1) Redesigned for OS X El Capitan and Split View

    Mail Designer Pro 2.5 now has a beautiful new sidebar, which offers quick access to Content and Formatting controls. This makes it a breeze to work on your newsletter in fullscreen Split View.

    2) Styles

    Styles in Mail Designer Pro 2.5 give you powerful control over the look and feel of your entire newsletter. Make adjustments to a style and instantly preview the changes across your entire design.

    3) Gorgeous new content

    With new beautiful backgrounds and header images, Mail Designer Pro 2.5 is packed with artwork and tools you need to build amazing email newsletters.

    Have fun with the new version — now go create an amazing email newsletters :)
    The equinux Mail Designer Team

Version 2.3.1 07/28/2015
    · A UI glitch that could occur when editing links has been fixed
    · We've fixed an issue that could cause rich-text editing controls to appear in plain-text mode
    · Force Touch: Use the new Force Touch trackpad on 2015 MacBooks to quickly enter & exit edit mode

    Now go create some amazing emails :)
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.3.0 06/02/2015
    · Improved link formatting: Design and send your very own linked-list email newsletter
    · Force Touch: Use the new Force Touch trackpad on 2015 MacBooks to quickly enter & exit edit mode
    · The iPhone 6 preview now displays your email correctly in landscape mode
    · We've improved the Apple Watch preview to be more true to life
    · Dragging a layout block from one design to another will now copy that block (instead of moving it)
    · Improved compatibility with MailChimp, Outlook and Gmail for Android

    Tip: Add a compelling inbox snippet to your email to boost your open rates!

    Now go create some amazing emails :)
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.2.0 05/13/2015
    This is a big update with five mail-tastic new features:

    NEW: Design your email text for Apple Watch
    Mail Designer Pro 2.2 now lets you customize the plain text version of your newsletter that will be displayed on Apple Watch: Optimize the structure and flow of your email to get your message across on apps and devices with limited screen real estate.

    NEW: Apple Watch Previews
    Preview your email's plain text content on Apple Watch. Mail Designer Pro helps you to optimize the layout and length of your newsletter for improved Apple Watch emails.

    NEW: Inbox Optimize
    You only get to make a first impression once: Add a custom inbox preview text to your message to increase your open-rates and conversions.

    NEW: OS X Photos Integration
    Add photos, product images or event shots from your Photos library, right within Mail Designer Pro.

    NEW: Force Click Optimized
    Mail Designer Pro has been optimized to take advantage of the new force click trackpad built-in to the new MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13": Force Click to quickly edit your design's background, preview designs and more.

    Other improvements:
    · An issue that caused prevented you from entering image URLs for HTML export has been fixed
    · The image compression feature is a bit smarter
    · An issue with saving documents has been fixed
    · When scaling an image in a placeholder, you can now hown down the option key to override snapping
    · Exporting to MailChimp is more reliable

    Have fun creating great emails with Mail Designer Pro!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team

Version 2.1.0 03/10/2015
    NEW: Team & Business Communication
    Send effective mobile-responsive business emails with Team & Business Communication, with designs for correspondence, offers, invitations, and announcements. Now available via in-app purchase.

    Other improvements:
    · A disappearing cursor issue has been fixed
    · PDF export now works more reliably
    · An issue with background color selection has been fixed

    Tip: Drag to add your own images, backgrounds or even custom layout blocks to the content window, for easy re-use!

    Have fun creating great mobile-ready emails!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.0.5 01/21/2015
    · A problem with the Design Delivery service has been fixed
    · An issue while saving documents has been fixed
    · Uploads to Campaign Monitor are more reliable
    · We've fixed an issue with PDF export
    · A few visual glitches have been de-glitched

    Tip: Hold down the option key to open multiple content windows

    Your equinux Mail Designer Team

Version 2.0.2 11/11/2014
    This update improves a few issues, for even better responsive newsletters :)

    · Design Ideas are displayed more crisply in the Design Chooser
    · An issue with certain mobile layouts with MailChimp has been fixed
    · Nicer mobile preview refreshing
    · Improvements to the shape editing tools

    Happy mailing!
    Your equinux Mail Designer Team
Version 2.0.1 10/22/2014
    Initial Version