How we work
What drives us

An idea is only as good as the execution. Time to market is a factor in our level of success. Making fun products available with only a short wait time, over-exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The flow and the love

There are many components, details, and intricacies which turn a product into a great product. We place great value on the flow - the whole user experience: Take a look behind the scenes from the development of an iPhone App.

How we work

Our developers work with the Scrum method. Daily meetings are improved by refining functions, optimizing details, and trying out new ideas. A functioning product is created by the end of every phase of development and is only released to market once the team is satisfied with the results.

Specialists with eyes wide open

We are a team of developers and specialists with a strong background and knowledge of the OS X / iOS market. We're not just technical nerds only able to concentrate within one area of expertise. equinux works with a broad range of themes and takes pride in thinking outside the box.