Till Schadde

(Dipl. Kfm.) 

CEO equinux

Founder and CEO

Till Schadde founded equinux in December of 1999 and has managed and led his business ever since. He studied Computer Science and Business Administration at the University of Munich.

Mission and Vision

To create and develop products that people like and understand. This is the vision which drives the equinux team to develop innovative products under Till Schadde.  As a product visionary, Till plays a significant role in making equinux products what they are today: Designed with love to the last detail, easy to use, and with well thought out workflows. 


Empathy and Passion

The key to his success is Till's in-depth business and market knowledge as well as his empathy and passion when designing, developing, and managing products. Till's goal from the beginning, was to create a platform, for marketing innovative and useful products worldwide. With a total of five business units, equinux serves the target groups; Consumer, Prosumer, Business, and Enterprises. 

Further Responsibilities

- Member of the Board of Directors of equinux USA Inc.
- Executive Director of TOWER ONE GmbH
- Executive Director of Live TV GmbH

Supervisory board

The supervisory board:

Stefan Neuenhahn, Lawyer (chairman), SOLEOS Rechtsanwälte

Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D., University Professor (vice chair), TU München

Dipl.-Kfm. Ralf Pichler, CEO, Detecon International GmbH